Archive Recording: Credit Union Environmental Forecast

Dollar Associates takes a "no holds barred" look at credit unions in 2014 and beyond. The issues facing credit unions are more challenging than ever. Risk-based capital, increased regulation from NCUA and CFPB, unforgiving examinations, restrictions on CUSOs, tighter FOM rules, challenges to non-interest income…the picture has some stormy portions. Some other challenges are merely cloudy. But, for those who believe in the credit union industry's not-for-profit financial cooperative, there's some good news as well. Not minimizing the challenges but hitting them head on, this webinar will address both the significant challenges and the unparalleled opportunities.

With a unique background in credit union leadership, regulation and as leading credit union consultants, Dollar Associates brings it to bear in a presentation that will leave credit union leaders both challenged and uplifted.

Credit Union Environment will examine today's issues such as:

• Where will NCUA's Risk-Based Capital Rule Leave Us as an Industry?
• What Direction is the CFPB Headed?
• Can Credit Unions Grow in Today's Market?
• Are There Any Good FOM Options Left on the Table?
• Are Credit Union Mergers a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
• Where is Today's Regulatory and Supervisory Environment Headed?

Want a presentation that faces the tough credit union issues head on and isn't afraid to take a realistic view, both positive and negative, of the future? This important webinar will challenge any committed credit union leader, manager or board member to look at the industry’s challenges strategically and the opportunities boldly.



Credit Union Environmental Forecast

Original Date:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



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