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JANUARY 24, 2012

Dennis Dollar Recently Addressed the “Saving the American Dream” Rally in Orlando, Florida…

On April 17, 2012, Dollar Associates Principal Partner and Former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar addressed the “Saving the American Dream” rally in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by Open Solutions, Inc.

Click Here to View the Rally and Dennis Dollar’s Address

Savings the American Dream is based on a groundbreaking new book entitled Saving the American Dream by Louis Hernandez, Jr., an author, award-winning entrepreneur, policy advisor and highly respected business executive who currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Open Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-wide enabling technologies for financial institutions. He sits on the board of several major corporations, including HSBC North America Holdings Inc., Avid Technology Inc., and ScoreBig Inc.

For more information on Saving the American Dream please visit their website,