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Regulatory Concerns? No better experts for your team. 

In today’s regulatory, legal and political environment, dealing with compliance issues can be a daunting task that poses significant questions.

  • How do we respond to our most recent examination?
  • Are our policies and procedures current?
  • What about recent lawsuits and regulatory changes?

These are the types of questions progressive credit unions are asking as they evaluate their strategic positioning in this challenging marketplace. And those are the types of questions we answer for our clients every day.

No one knows how to respond to such challenges better than our team at Dollar Associates. Likewise, no one knows the questions you must be prepared to answer to make sure that you “do it right” when it comes to interaction with your regulatory authority.

The Dollar Associates focus is always designed to keep your credit union moving forward through regulatory hurdles. If you feel the strategic goals of your credit union could best be met through a partnership with Dollar Associates, we would value the opportunity to discuss this matter with you.

Our expertise is unparalleled and our rates quite competitive. When it comes to regulatory compliance and interaction, we feel no one can guide you through the process better.


Strategic Development and Implementation Regarding Examination Issues
Review and Assistance with DFI and NCUA Correspondence and Exam Responses
Industry Focus Presentations to Management Team, Staff and Board
Review Federal & State Regulatory Communications, Responses and Strategy
Interaction with Federal and State Regulators on Behalf of Credit Union
Governmental Relations Strategy at Federal and State Level
Regulatory Compliance Overviews and Assessments
Merger Support and Assistance

We’re so glad our credit union had Dollar Associates by our side when a totally unforeseen issue arose for us with NCUA. We knew we would get our value from you guys in management and board presentations, strategic planning, FOM issues and helping develop our governmental relations program, but we had absolutely no idea that one interpretative change could potentially hurt us so much from a regulatory perspective. Thanks for being in our bullpen.