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JANUARY 24, 2012

Dollar Associates Adds Credit Union Executive Recruiting to its Services Beginning in 2012

One of nation’s most recognized consulting firms, focusing exclusively on credit unions and the organizations that serve them, is entering the executive recruiting business specifically geared to credit union industry senior management

Dollar Associates LLC, a leading national credit union consulting firm headquartered in Birmingham and headed by former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar, announced today that it will add executive recruiting to its list of services offered to the credit union industry beginning in 2012.

“With over 40% of credit union CEOs reaching retirement age in the next five years,” said Dollar in making the announcement, “our client base has been encouraging us for several years to put our countless contacts in the industry to work for them as this major shifting of credit union executives takes place in the years to come.  We believe the time is right for us to add recruiting and executive search to our ever-growing range of consultative services.”

Dollar Associates has expanded its website to receive resumes and list positions being sought.  The firm has indicated that it hopes its entry into this field will offer credit unions “a more demanding standard of results with a more competitive price tag attached.”

Prior to forming his consultancy, Dollar served as Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) from 2001-2004 and as a member of the presidential appointed NCUA Board from 1997-2004.  He is also a former credit union CEO, originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, where he headed what was then the Gulfport VA Federal Credit Union.  Dollar was a former member of the Mississippi House of Representatives (1976-84).  Dollar has operated his consulting firm from Birmingham since 2005.

His partner, Kirk Cuevas, is an attorney and served at NCUA from 1997-2004.  His position for the majority of that tenure was as Chief of Staff and Counsel to the NCUA Chairman during the Dollar administration at the agency.

“We are encouraged by the tremendous response to our decision to enter the credit union executive recruiting field,” said Cuevas.  “Dennis and I have worked with so many of our clients as they went through the executive search process that it has become a natural fit for us to expand our services into this arena.”

For additional information or comment, Dennis Dollar of Dollar Associates can be contacted at 205-991-1525 ext. 303 or [email protected].