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10 Working Growth Strategies Coming Out of the COVID Era

September 30, 2020

As credit unions begin to look at what the financial marketplace and member expectations might look like in the post-COVID era, there are some constants that will not be changed in any “new normal” that comes once the pandemic is behind us.  One of those essentialities is the necessity for growth.  No credit union can quarantine itself away from the reality that scale is one of the most crucial elements to help a CU not only survive, but thrive, in a time of economic disruption.  In fact, the single best vaccine to inoculate a credit union from the most dramatic impacts of any crisis is the growth strategy the CU is employing to help it build scale and competitiveness in a challenging market.

In this no cost webinar, former NCUA Chairman and leading credit union consultant Dennis Dollar shares some of the experiences of credit unions that his firm, Dollar Associates LLC, have found beneficial to them as they work through the COVID era and position themselves for the coming post-COVID era.  With actual examples from real life credit union success stories, Chairman Dollar will go in-depth into some of the growth strategies that he has seen succeed.  While each strategy may not be right for every credit union, this webinar will enable credit union leaders nationwide to hear from one of the nation’s leading credit union consultants on an issue of incredibly timely value.