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Credit Unions and Cybersecurity: Are You Doing Enough in this Environment?

April 19, 2022

Credit Unions have for decades earned their members’ trust, and ultimately more and more of their business, through a proven track record of delivering high quality financial products and services with the member needs foremost in their focus.

Today, however, credit unions are also being faced with the challenge of maintaining that trust through the availability of IT systems, protection of data, and security of assets in an environment with an ever increasing number of bad actors every day. Many observers feel that the traditional cybersecurity providers have not historically put financial institutions such as CUs in a position to succeed when it comes to measuring and, particularly, managing this risk as effectively as needed.

In this webinar sponsored by Dollar Associates, you will learn about the credit union industry disconnect between:

-A marketplace that offers products, instead of solutions

-Providers that alert the user there is a problem, but do not fix it

-The business’ responsibility to conclude that their security investments are ‘doing enough’ to keep everything safe

-The inevitable growth in regulatory demands

Dollar Associates has asked the experts at SEI, an internationally recognized firm as one of the true leaders in cyber security, to participate in this timely webinar as our guest presenters to provide an overview of the type of expertise needed to guide credit union leaders through the cybersecurity demands of today with international disruption and dramatically increasing cyber threats from Russia, China and elsewhere on the globe.

SEI is itself a highly regulated financial institution that has successfully faced the cyber threats of today through constructing and managing its own Security Operations Center and is now serving as a data fiduciary provider to its thousands of financial industry clients. The expertise of SEI will be an invaluable contributor to the value of this webinar to credit union leaders nationwide.

Click on the video below to view this highly informative webinar on cybersecurity.