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Loan Diversification in a Dynamic Credit Union Lending Market: Aqua Lending, a Post-Covid Opportunity

August 4, 2021

With auto lending numbers being more difficult for credit unions to maintain year after year and the mortgage refinance boom beginning to slow down as all-time low interest rates are in their fifth year, the need for more diversification in credit union lending is greater than ever. Dollar Associates is beginning a multi-part series of webinars providing information on areas of credit union lending that are being pursued successfully by some credit unions and being potentially overlooked by others.

One of those areas is aqua lending – covering loans for water related investments ranging from boats to docks to swimming pools to personal water treatment systems to recreational vehicles. Aqua Finance has been involved in this area of lending for decades and has, as they move their business forward under new ownership, established relationships in recent years with numerous credit unions that have purchased or funded loans with them. Their knowledge of this lending field, as well as their understanding of credit unions, makes them a great information source for the first webinar in the Dollar Associates series on loan diversification.

Click on the video below to view this highly informative webinar on an area of lending that might be worth considering for your credit union in today’s challenging lending market.