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MAY 30, 2019

With the credit union tax exemption constantly under assault in Congress and on the state level, it is crucial that credit union leaders, staff and volunteers be able to defend the value of the tax exemption to the American people and economy.  It is important that credit unions know the history of the exemption and its basis.  In short, such a holy grail issue for our industry deserves more than a cursory understanding and a couple of “people helping people” talking points.  Credit unions need to know the case for the credit union tax exemption.

Few, if any, credit union industry leaders have given more speeches, written more articles and testified more in Congress about the nuances of the tax exemption issue than Dennis Dollar, former NCUA Chairman and Principal Partner at Dollar Associates, LLC – a full-service credit union consulting firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.  In this no-cost webinar that Dollar Associates offers to the credit union industry in order to help those responsible for defending the tax exemption to be in a better position to do so, Chairman Dollar will give a full and extensive presentation on the history, benefits and public policy advantages of the credit union tax exemption.  He will help your executives, managers, staff and volunteers strengthen their understanding of and reasons to support the continuation of the tax exemption when they represent your credit union to Congress, state legislators, elected officials and your community.

Dennis Dollar was voted in 2017 by the readers of Credit Union Times as the most influential credit union leader of the past 25 years.  He has testified before Congress on the tax exemption and related issues more than fifteen times during his credit union career.  His commitment to and understanding of the credit union industry is recognized nationwide.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have him, in a one-hour free webinar, train your leadership team, volunteers and staff about this critical issue for the future of credit unions.